Why Practice in Community? ~ 2

We all know how important dedicated work towards our yoga practice is – workshops and retreats are cornerstones to a long-time yogi’s practice. Time set aside to delve deep within.

But we also need to keep that going between those times – tune ups, checkins, and working with the day to day stuff right in the middle of the day to day stuff.  Right when it seems strongest, most unlikely to be overcome, most entrenched and who you are. Or you’re in the flow of life, and surface concerns are minor. Those are some of the best times to get really intensive with ourselves – when we don’t have a pressing item on the agenda we can get to what’s been sitting on the shelf for “later”.

satsangI’ve found my experiences with satsang – working with the practice with other practitioners – to provide just the kind of support necessary to meet all those situations. Which is in large part why I’ve begun Sadhana & Satsang on a monthly basis at Mala Yoga.

Last time one of the attendees spoke of how friends don’t always offer the mirror we’d like in order to meet those situations. And, I would add, nor do we always want them to.

Satsang provides that mirror for us – people engaged on the path, in the work together, prompts a deep honesty and sharing you sometimes didn’t even know was at the root, as well as support and comfort when it’s hard.

Another student mentioned to me that she finds this type of meeting so important. That there are so many people in our community looking for this, but we don’t have the outlet in the five minutes before and after class.

For all those reasons, and others you’ll discover for yourself, join us October 24th at Mala Yoga for Sadhana & Satsang.

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