Meditation Privates

22 Minute Guided Meditation on the Senses


meditation handsMeditation Privates:

Meditation is a transformative practice.  Guidance through our inner landscapes, and the terrain of meditation techniques and styles can be invaluable.  Jen’s combination of personal sitting practice, knowledge of the body, and deep study of yoga and buddhist meditation traditions enables her to serve those new to the practice as well as seasoned meditators.


Meditation privates may include:

*Postural support – including exercises to strengthen/lengthen
*Technique support – discovering what works best for you now, fine tuning existing techniques or exploring new ones, and working with hindrances to the practice
*Working with mental states – becoming intimate with our inner landscape and skillful ways of working with what arises
*Real-world integration – investigate how meditation can serve your life, and inform a more balanced resilient way of being with yourself and others

Meditation privates are ideally conducted over a minimum of three months with bi-monthly or monthly meetings.  These can be held in person or via skype. Email Jen to discuss scheduling.

Skype/Zoom/Hangouts rate
In person rates
$155/hour at CRS: 123 4th Ave, 2nd Fl New York, NY 10003
$150/hour at 100 Smith Space:  100 Smith, 2nd Floor 1st Buzzer, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Payment: Venmo to @jwhitneyyoga  or credit card