About Jen

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Jennifer Whitney has been practicing vinyasa yoga since 2003, and teaching since 2006.  Jen is passionate about studying and living into the awakening traditions of yoga philosophy and buddhist dharma.

She currently studies with, and incorporates the wisdom of, Michael Stone and Rodney Yee.

2007 Jivamukti 350 hr Yoga Teacher Training with David Life & Sharon Gannon
2014 Certified Health & Wellness Coach with IIN
2015 Urban Zen Integrated Therapist with Urban Zen & Beth Israel Hospital
2015 Mentorship with Michael Stone (ongoing)
2016 Warriors at Ease – Yoga & Meditation Teacher for PTS and TBI

Jen’s Teaching Style:

In her classes, vigorous creative flow sequences are met with explorations of yoga & buddhist philosophy, along with meditation. Jen incorporates succinct alignment, challenging poses & sequences, and deep, timely and often humorous philosophy. Chanting and music are integrated into every class.

In each student, Jen works to cultivate space in which the joy and peace of the teachings can be experienced, and personal practices expand into the lives of all beings.

Lokah Samasta Sukinoh Bhavantu.

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