hyperextending work2Yoga Privates

Jen’s passion for the practice, depth of study in alignment and philosophy, and patient, kind-hearted approach creates a rare experience of one-on-one practice appropriate for advanced as well as beginner students – young and adult!  All sessions are tailored to the interests of the student, such as:

*A vinyasa flow class with a fun and well-aligned sequence
*Questions about a pose, transition, or action.
*Customizing the practice for injuries, healing, or other limitations
*Urban Zen Integrated Therapy Restorative Session (Ideal for those living with a stressful life, injuries, limited movement, or pain)

Email or meet with Jen to discuss options and pricing.  Arrangements can be made to hold the session at one of the studios Jen teaches at, or in your own home. Studio rental fees may apply.

meditation handsMeditation Privates:

Meditation is a tranformative practice, essential for the yogi on or off the mat.  Guidance through our inner landscapes, and the terrain of meditation techniques and styles can be invaluable.  Jen’s combination of personal sitting practice, knowledge of the body, and deep study of yoga and buddhist meditation traditions enables her to serve those new to the practice as well as seasoned meditators.

Meditation privates are ideally conducted over a minimum of three months with bi-monthly or monthly meetings.  These can be held in person or via skype.
Dana:  $60/session

IMG_20141001_211226Private Recorded Sessions:

A great way to transition from classes/privates to home practice.  Discuss with Jen your preferred focus for the class, other elements to include (ie: chanting, meditation, music, etc).  She will craft a 60 minute asana session tailored to you, record it, and send you the mp3 file to keep.

Recorded 1 Hour Session mp3 file: $60
3 private lessons + Recorded 1 Hour Session: $425
Recorded 1 Hour Session + 1 In-person run through with hands-on adjustments and advice: $150

“It improved my practice because now I actually practice at home! The audio allows me to take my practice to another level.  It’s peaceful, centering and has allowed me to become more intimate with my relationship with yoga.”  -Private Student

Corporate Sessions

Jen has taught in a variety of business settings, and teaches weekly corporate yoga classes at several businesses in Manhattan.  Classes are structured to meet the needs and levels of the employees, and create an ongoing relationship with yoga that increases health, relaxation, and focus.  References available upon request – please contact Jen if you are interested in hosting a trial yoga class at your business.