Corporate Sessions

Jen teaches both yoga and meditation in a variety of business settings throughout Manhattan, and currently via Zoom.

Classes are structured to meet the needs and levels of the employees, and create a weekly practice that increases health, relaxation, and focus.

Live-stream Zoom class information:
Yoga sessions typically run for 60-75 minutes.
Movement* sessions typically run for 15-20 minutes.
Meditation sessions typically run for 15-30 minutes.

Best practices for integrating yoga and/or meditation into your company’s schedule

  • Timing- consider your work culture; Are you early workers and a pre-work session would be the right way to start your day? Do you value an hour lunch, and a short session would fit easily without cutting into the work day?  Is the end of the day the best time to recharge and step away from the desk?  When can the most employees make it? Maybe a combination of these?
  • Type of session – Many companies find value in offering a selection of wellness services across the week to suit different employee needs.  If you’re only booking one type of session, consider running a quick poll to understand your team’s needs.  Also, trying out a few different sessions and getting feedback from employees can help make the decision easier.
  • Support – the most successful wellness programs are backed by managers and leaders in the company who encourage their teams to attend, and take the sessions themselves.
  • Engagement – while videos off can make sessions more approachable and increase engagement, they can also reinforce a sense of isolation and decrease any opportunities for community from sessions.  Consider videos on, but with participants not looking directly at the computer screen.  Creating time to connect before/after the session with attendees (either during the Zoom session or “offline”) can create community and support.

Contact Jen for rates, they vary based on type and length of session.  Also, recordings from Zoom session available for additional fee.

*Jen also offers Movement sessions, a blend of yoga and meditation that can be done with nothing more than a room with some chairs.  Sessions incorporate stretches to relieve muscle tension from sitting or standing all day, and a simple guided meditation to relax the mind.  Appropriate for all bodies.