Dharma Talks


Shoken Sangha
Inspired by the commitment to community and practice that Michael Stone infused in his sangha, and the teachings and guidance I was honored to receive as one of his senior mentor students, I continue to practice and teach in his lineage.



Retreat Dharma Talks:

France 2017
New York 2018

Ongoing Support: Anytime
I offer ongoing support to the community. That can take many forms, such a occasional emails, to working together in a formal teaching relationship, and more.  Feel free to reach out: jen@jwhitneyyoga.com

France 2017
Le Moulin, Cubjac

Only 3 weeks after Michael’s passing, an inspiring group of individuals decided to continue the 8-Day Silent Meditation Retreat in France.  Normally, Rose Riccio and I would have assisted Michael on this retreat, and instead co-lead it together.  We alternated days giving dharma talks, and these are three I gave. Raw, unpolished, and heartfelt.

Talk one
Talk two
Talk three

New York 2018
Streamside, Andes


Continuing the tradition of a yearly summer sesshin, a small group gathered in upstate New York to practice the forms Michael crafted from the traditions and teachers who inspired him.  After a year of participating in sesshins with other communities, my commitment to and appreciation for the unique and important work Michael was doing only expanded.  May we continue to share practice and our commitment to placing it at the center of our lives.

Talk one – Dipa Ma and the Thief
Talk two – Shiji doesn’t take off her hat