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A program designed to support your at-home-yoga. Each month, you’ll receive weekly videos or audio files containing asana guidance to inspire and grow your practice. You’ll also receive components of yoga that can be challenging to get outside of a studio, yet are vital to a well-rounded and fully integrated home practice.

Free Download: Sample Week

Monthly features:
*Weekly asana tips & focus (poses build in difficulty over the month)
*Weekly dharma talks & intentions
*Playlist & Chant of the month
*Meditation of the month
*Video/Picture submission (submit one video or picture during the month to Jen and she’ll reply with feedback and advice)

Plus: Access to Home Practice Resources – videos available all the time (including a well-rounded 1 hour practice, poses for travel, and more)

How it works:
1) Register anytime before the first Sunday of your start month. Please include your start month in the notes during checkout.
2) Receive your first video on the first Sunday of your start month, and each Sunday thereafter. Videos shared via Vimeo – make sure to create your free account with them to prepare!
3) You will automatically be enrolled for each further month until you cancel.*
4) Use Google Drive to upload pictures/videos to share with Jen (jen@jwhitneyyoga.com). Make sure to include a note with specific questions, if you have any.  Please limit the content of the pictures/videos to topics covered during that month’s program.

One month notification minimum for all cancellations. Due to the online nature of the program’s content no refunds or partial month credit possible.  Click here to cancel.

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