5 Minute Basics


These videos introduce you to basic poses you’ll find when you take a class at a yoga studio. Each sequence will have a theme or topic, and is designed for you to expand and try out at home.  All videos are appropriate for those new to yoga and beyond.  You have two options:

1) Subscribe: Get a video each week
2) Single:  Access individual videos as the topics appeal to you
(Videos are available for the duration of the month they are posted in)

Sample Video: 4 poses for circulation and heart health

$40/month subscription
$15/single video

How SUBSCRIBE works:
1) Register anytime before the first Sunday of your start month. Please include your start month in the notes during checkout.
2) Receive your first video on the first Sunday of your start month, and each Sunday thereafter. Videos shared via Vimeo – make sure to create your free account with them to prepare!
3) You will automatically be enrolled for each further month until you cancel.*

How SINGLE works:
1) Process payment for the single video
2) Include your chosen video name in the notes during checkout.
3) Receive your Vimeo link for the video!

One month notification minimum for all cancellations. Due to the online nature of the program’s content no refunds or partial month credit possible.


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