Shoken Sangha


Inspired by the commitment to community and practice that Michael Stone infused in his sangha, and the teachings and guidance I was honored to receive as one of his senior mentor students, I continue to practice and teach in his lineage.



Retreat Dharma Talks:
Only 3 weeks after Michael’s passing, an inspiring group of individuals decided to continue the 8-Day Silent Meditation Retreat in France.  Normally, Rose Riccio and I would have assisted Michael on this retreat, and instead co-lead it together.  We alternated days giving dharma talks, and these are three I gave.  Raw, unpolished, and heartfelt. (To play, download first, then use a music player to listen)

Ongoing Support: Anytime
Along with his other close mentor students, I offer ongoing support to the community. That can take many forms, such a occasional emails, to working together in a formal teaching relationship, and more.  Feel free to reach out: