Deepening Practice: Meditation & Ethics Course

meditation legs.2jpgMeditation and Ethics are the foundation of an integrated flourishing practice.  To meditate is to be able to look increasingly more clearly at how we live our life and the choices we make. To cultivate meaningful values and actions in our lives instills a firm ground to establish mindfulness and ease in meditation.

Exploring these deeply, with a teacher and community, is often considered an important step in committing oneself to the practice.

Whether you are new to mindfulness or a seasoned meditator, this course will expand your practice, develop a deeper understanding of how to place practice at the center of your life, and build a commitment to your daily meditation practice and living.


Informed by Yoga and Buddhist traditions, as well as current research in psychology and neuroscience, Jen will guide you through a personal exploration of what it means to bring these practices alive in modern life.


The Course Includes:
*6 in person sessions with guided meditation, dharma lecture, and experiential exercises with discussion
*Recordings of the guided meditations in mp3 format.
*In-between-meetings with a partner (sign up with a partner or be assigned one)
*Readings and homework to carry the work of the sessions into daily life
*One individual retreat-style meeting with Jen
*Final writing reflection due June 30th
*Option to take the Ethics Vows at the conclusion of the course
*Discount on Jen’s 2019 Silent Meditation Retreat


Register Now

Dates: March 8, 10, 31, April 28, May 19, June 9*

Time: 2-4pm (except March 8th: 6-7:30pm)

In advance: $450
Feb 13th and after: $495
Online only: $300 (must sign up with a partner)

*If you must miss a session, you will be provided with the audio recording to listen and respond to prior to the next session and meeting with your partner.

22 Minute Guided Meditation on the Senses

from 2018’s Deepening Meditation Course: