YogaMentorship for Yoga Teachers

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“Jen’s mentorship has been invaluable since my teacher training. Upon my return, I had exponentially more questions about the practice as a whole and my new role within it than I did when I began my program. Jen’s expertise, wisdom, and deep care have provided a place for me to comfortably ask questions, obtain honest feedback, and the space to practice the feedback when I’m ready, as soon as immediately. This program has enabled me to feel equal parts supported, challenged, and nourished. I’d venture to say that if you’ve found your way here, something about Jen’s program has called out to you, and I would highly encourage you to experience it for yourself. I am infinitely glad that I have.” Lauren K.

The YogaMentorship for Yoga Teachers is a 3-6 month program with the following Pre-requisites, Modules of Study, and Components.  It is a unique opportunity to fine tune and deepen both your own practice and your teaching.  Jen takes on only 2 Yoga Teachers at any given time to foster deep attentive relationship and guidance.

Cost: $1300/3 months
(not included: ICP exchange, classes and workshop cost)

*You have taken a minimum of 5 classes with Jen
*You have graduated from a YA 200hr or more teacher training
*You have your own insurance (Recommendations available if needed)
*Actively teaching, or pursuing teaching (if you’re not interested in teaching with your certification, and would still like to study in depth with Jen, check out the Independent Study Program)

Curriculum Modules (or set your own!):
Modules are the heart of the program, and are taught through 5 two-hour private sessions.  Each session comprises 1-3 modules, depending on the curriculum established. A sample session might be:  30 minutes Adjustments, 30 minutes Ins & Outs, 1 hour Personal Sadhana.  Each module will include one-on-one workshopping with Jen, assignments, and additional study. Some modules may last the entire three months, and some for only a single private session.

Creative vinyasa flows with alignment and purpose
Building classes around themes, poses, and other focuses

Hands-on Breath-guided adjustments
Firm yet sensitive touch to challenge and respect where students are
From sun salutations to savasana, and everything in between
Choosing between “Big” adjustments, light touch and verbal cues

Connecting and Communicating with Students
Verbal alignment and sequencing cues
Helpful tips in all aspects of Teacher-Student relationship
Building community with your students

Ins & Outs of being an Independent Contractor
Marketing: website, business cards, photos, etc.
Logistics: declaring items for taxes, invoicing
What is means to be a business owner of one!

Guidance in getting auditions
Advice and Feedback on audition preparation

Yoga for Everyone
Modifications for pregnancy, injuries, or health conditions
Cuing and sequencing for all levels (even in a basics or advanced class)

Dharma Talks
Creating authentic dharma talks with modern relevancy
Weaving dharma throughout a class
Incorporating/Teaching chanting
Use/Creation of playlists

Yoga/Buddhist philosophy
Creating a course of study that matches your interest
Advising where to look for deeper study
Discussion and sharing of insights

The Foundation of Teaching: Your own personal sadhana
Your goals/questions on asana, meditation, pranayama, svadhyaya, etc
Creating, balancing and maintaining your sadhana with support and guidance

Know the system and create a smooth start to classes you sign-in

Mentorship Components:
*First meeting: ICP exchange, health history, and goal/curriculum setting
*5 Private Sessions with assignments as per agreed upon curriculum
*Complete a second ICP halfway through program
*”Graduation” classes: #1 Jen attends a class you teach, and provides feedback
#2 You teach, and Jen assists you

Personal Practice
*Daily personal sadhana
*Read and write book reports/response assignments weekly via email. Feedback included.
*Assist Jen weekly in one of her studio classes
*Practice in Jen’s classes at least three times a month.
*Attend at least one workshop with Jen or any teacher.
(Option to assist an additional workshop if already attended one of Jen’s during the program)

Email Jen
 to enroll, or if you have any questions.