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Eka Pada Sirsasana without savasana

Eka Pada Sirsasana with savasana (street sounds filter in)

This was recently recorded during one of my Thursday 6:15 Int/Adv Flow hour-long class. As a live recording, there are background noises and my voice varies in volume.  During the practice portion of the peak pose, the audio is silent in order to help practice with focus. It starts to fade in after approximately 4 minutes, with the option to end the pose early and transition into pigeon. Feel free to transition or keep working.

The peak pose that is demonstrated is eka pada sirsasana (one-legged headstand). Check out the pictures below for some visuals on the pointers I’m talking about. Please don’t attempt for the first time with this podcast, but with an in-person teacher. Practice regular headstand during this portion – it will still be a great class!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Preparation for eka pada sirsa
Correct alignment
Correct alignment
Incorrect alignment
Incorrect alignment

The preparation for the pose – a worthy place to spend time getting balanced and incorporating alignment points before going deeper. Also the recommended variation if you have tighter hamstrings.

The pose with correct and integrated alignment. Try not to focus on the bottom toes on the floor – notice how mine lightly touch. This is hanumanasana in headstand – focus on the alignment of hips, drawing of the bones into the hips, connection of the heels and sits bones, and extension of the muscles.

The pose with incorrect alignment. This usually happens when the pose is done without the preparation. Without allowing the hips proper time to settle into opposing directions, the bottom leg will tug the top leg down. The energy of the whole pose will be downward, instead of lifted.

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