Before posting this month’s article, I wanted to establish The Grounded Universe as an opportunity to pose questions.  Often during class a question may arise about a particular aspect of a pose, or a tidbit of what a teacher says, and the student asks the teacher after class.  Not all questions arise conveniently in the presence of a teacher, or have a chance to fully formulate themselves at that time. Or, questions may spring from home practice, readings, conversations, art, or other sources of inspiration and yoga.   By posting questions on The Grounded Universe, we can start to transform the site into a satsang among many yogis, taking advantage of the new evolution of community the internet offers. How to submit questions: 1) At the bottom of every post is a link to add comments.  Click and post your question. 2) If you have a question that has arisen in a realm of your yoga practice that is not addressed in an article, feel free to contact me. Questions received via either forum will be responded to, either directly in an email, or online for others to benefit from as well.  I invite everyone to also respond and comment on answers from their personal experiences and study.

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