When Chocolate and Chakras Collide – NY Times

Last month The New York Times published When Chocolate and Chakras Collide by Julia Moskin in its Wednesday Food section.  The  responses and comments on its website were incredibly varied, but the editorials in the following week’s Wednesday Food section were lacking in multiple perspectives.  The editorials selected favored those opinions which supported the ideas of yoga and practice as advertised in the article.

Published here is an editorial by Ann Iwashita  which is an actual response to the NY Times article.

““Chocolate and Chakras” highlights the myriad opinions of a community that enjoys asana, the third limb of an eight-limb practical, spiritual system. Most problematic is not the diversity of thoughts on what one should eat, but the conveyance of yoga as a pleasure-seeking practice.

As humans in this media-centric world that overloads the gross senses, we make habit of gratification. Asana was not meant as a way to “bring on the yoga high,” but rather to refine the subtle senses. If Mr. Romanelli and his followers enjoy using asana as a gateway to sensual bliss, far be it from anyone to say it is wrong. However, to call it “yoga” is confusing, a misnomer that capitalizes on the esoteric nature of the science and a misunderstanding of its aims.

Hunger, in the form of resolve, would serve one well. Ultimately the student decides, on form, and teacher.”

I invite readers to post their own comments, thoughts and ideas about the article or editorial here.

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