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Body and Breath September 26th
Picnic Satsang
 Upcoming dates TBD

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pranayama picBody and Breath
an exploration of pranayama practice

What is pranayama? Isn’t it just alternate nostril breathing? And, what does it have to do with my yoga practice, anyway?

This workshop will guide you through two parts:

  • Body (Asana) – Through a range of upper body and hip openings, we’ll set the stage for expansive lungs, and ease in sitting. The asana is appropriate for all levels of students incorporating yin, vinyasa, and restorative poses. We’ll also explore how the breath works in sun salutations, blurring the line between asana and pranayama
  • Breath (Pranayama) – We’ll bring in formal pranayama practice by exploring the philosophy and purpose of pranayama, along with guidance on the physical posture and quality of breath for a pranayama inhale and exhale. Then we’ll learn the first pranayama technique that you can take home and continue to explore.
Location: Mala Yoga
Date: Saturday, September 26th 4-6pm


bbpPicnic Satsang

Gather together as a community (satsang), enjoy nature, and connect over tasty tidbits.  After the 10am class at Mala Yoga, we’ll walk over to Brooklyn Bridge Park together, and set up camp.

Family and Friends are welcome and encouraged.

Community is not just for holiday parties!

Bring: Food & Beverage of choice (or grab from Smorgasburg). Blankets recommended (no chairs or umbrellas allowed). Bring hat/sun glasses.
Date: TBD
Time: TBD

Location:  Prospect Park

Can’t make it to class, but would love to join the picnic?  No problem, just meet us there!