Workshops & Events

East Yoga Meditation Challenge: Kicks off: January 11th
Yoga StudiesJanuary 11th
Sadhana Sunday: Advanced Yoga Studies with JenJanuary 11th
Yoga Lab:  January 22nd
Handstand & Wheel: A yoga love affair: February 8th
Yoga of the Sages 1: March 15th
Yoga of the Sages 2: March 22nd

Yoga Between the Lines: A Yoga Book Club


East Yoga Meditation Challenge

Guided & Supported by Jen

A regular meditation practice is the cornerstone of a yogi’s practice. Yet, it can be so hard to get and stay motivated! Going on 8-day to 30-day silent meditation retreats are one way to reboot your practice. East Yoga and Jen are bringing you another option this January!

Join us for the East Yoga Meditation Challenge – whether you’re just getting into the practice of sitting or are looking to reinvigorate your practice – we’re creating the intention and space for you! Meditate for at least 10 minutes, every day, for 30 days.

We’ll start with a Kick Off Session that will give you:
*Hands-on guidance for the best meditation seat for your body now
*Details of the challenge
*Group meditation and coaching for the month

We’ll continue the month with ongoing support:
*Weekly group emails from Jen with inspiration and inquiries
*A chance to email Jen each week with questions/thoughts that she’ll respond to

We’ll finish with a Wrap Up Session:
*Closing group meditation
*All 30 day meditators will receive 3 free classes at East Yoga
*All 30 day meditators will be entered in a drawing for your very own meditation cushion.

Kick Off Session: January 11th 1:15-2:15pm
Wrap Up Session:
February 8th 1:15-2:15pm
$60 for the month

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yoga studiesYoga Studies

Integrate your yoga practice

Practice: Ground with a 10 minute meditation
Theory: Orient with an extended dharma talk
Life: Integrate practice & theory into your own life through a specifically designed discussion or exercise

Sunday, January 11th ~ 7:00 -8:00pm
Cost: $15
Location: Mala Yoga

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ardha matsy1Yoga Lab 

A place to focus and fine tune your practice

This one-hour workshop will bring into the spotlight a single pose found in All Level, Open, or Int/Adv classes.  Everyone will have their pose itself tweaked by Jen, and then play with variations. The workshop will close with a simple quieting pose for the nervous system.

January Focus: Ardha Matsyendrasana: We’ll start off tweaking our standard vinyasa class pose, then delve into the traditional version (you sit on your foot!) with the two binding styles, then travel on to Ardha Matsyendrasana II with a look at III, and then take advantage of our twisty-ness and play with an arm balance.

January 22nd 7:30pm-8:30pm
Cost: $25
Location: Mala Yoga

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Two Hour Advanced Practice

Students will be led through an intelligently sequenced advanced asana practice. As we flow with the breath through a delicious extended 2 hour vinyasa class, we will work toward an “advanced peak pose”. Students will cultivate endurance and challenge their boundaries, as they sink into the rhythm of a strict vinyasa practice.

Expect chanting, music, dharma, fun vinyasa, a long savasana, and closing meditation – all the components you love in one of Jen’s classes.

Modifications and heavy instruction will not be provided to allow for deep attention to breath and for Jen to meet students where they are, and provide adjustments accordingly.
Cost: $35
Date: 2015 dates coming soon!
Focus: Have ideas? Let Jen know!
Space limited to 15
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pasasanaSadhana Sunday:

Advanced Yoga Studies with Jen

Have you been an “Open Level” student for awhile now?  Do you love a good Int/Adv class? Have you been curious about exploring the “non-physical” side of yoga? Have you begun (or want) to take your practice off your mat and into your modern day life? Then this is the workshop for you!

We’ll integrate a steady flowing advanced asana class, a guided meditation, and dharma study into a complete yoga practice:

2:30- 3:30 – Advanced Flow Class
3:30-3:50 – Guided Meditation
3:50-4:45 – Dharma Study (Topic: Yoga Sutras) – no dharma experience required

Recommended for students with a regular Open Level or Int/Adv practice

Cost: $50 
Location: East Yoga
Date: January 11th
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Handstand & Wheel: A yoga love affair

Handstand and Wheel – two poses from seemingly opposite ends of the yoga catalog – complement each other in so many ways. Either can be used to prepare the body for the other, and these powerhouse poses share many key actions.

In this workshop we’ll study those actions through a warm up and vinyasa flow, then delve deep through a workshop format. Beginning with a detailed break down of each pose with integration tips, everyone will receive specific feedback and hands on work from Jen. We’ll top off the study with learning how to fall out of handstand into wheel, and other fun transition work between the two.

Requirements: Healthy shoulders and familiarity with accessing these poses at the wall or in the middle of the room. Cost: $35. Space is limited.


Cost: $35
Date: February 8th
Location: East Yoga
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Yoga of the Sages

A Two-Part Exploration

You know the poses your teachers say that sound kind of like ladalada-asana? Ever wonder why they don’t just use English? Sometimes they can’t! Most poses are named after generic things or beings (adho mukha svanasana – downward facing dog). Then there is the set named after ancient rishis – yoga sages -which have no translation into English.

In this workshop series we’ll study both the physical side of these poses, as well as the sages who inspired them through Vinyasa Flow, Pose Workshop, and Dharma. Together we’ll investigate the meaning they have for our very modern day bodies and lives.

Poses include twists & arm balances: Koundinyasana, Marichyasana, Vasisthasana, Kasyapasana, Visvamitrasana (pictured), Ashtavakrasana, and Galavasana. Appropriate for All Level & Int/Adv students.


Cost: $35 for each workshop or $60 for both
Date: March 15th & 22nd
Location: East Yoga
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