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Intro to Pranayama March 26th

Meditation GroupCommunity, Commitment, and Guidance

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Yoga Mentorship: Study deeply 


SAMSUNGIntro to Pranayama

Familiar with alternate nostril breathing or kapalabhati? Not sure how to turn that into a regular practice?

This workshop will:
*cover the philosophy and purpose for incorporating pranayama into your practice
*guide you through the physical posture and quality of breath for a pranayama inhale and exhale
*teach you the first technique in a pranayama practice to continue at home


Cost: $45
Date: March 26th
Time: 7:30-8:30pm
Limited to 9 yogis
Location: Mala Yoga – click the link to register!


meditation handsMeditation Group

Commitment, Guidance, Community

Supports your commitment in three ways:

1) Accountability/Commitment: Pairs you with a “meditation buddy”. You and your buddy sit together once a week virtually (via Insight Meditation App – a free download. Email Jen once you’ve downloaded, and she will add you to the group).  In person is always a bonus!

2) Guidance: Once a month Jen will email the group, and each member of the group emails Jen back with questions, comments, challenges, etc. Jen will reply to each email.

3) Community: Once a month, Jen organizes and leads an in-person event with the group.  A list of upcoming events is below.  Suggestions are welcome if you hear of an event or sit that interests you! RSVP by the dates listed.

Upcoming Events:

Zen Meditation Sit: Wednesday  March 25th 6pm-7:15pm at Zen Care*
              RSVP by March 22nd
Zen Meditation Sit: Wednesday April 22nd 6pm-7:15pm at Zen Care*
              RSVP by April 19th
TBD: Wednesday May 13th evening.

*An email with what to expect will be sent out to those new to Zen meditation after the RSVP date.

Cost: $35/month
It’s recommended to start with one of the in-person events, so you start with community and connection.  Just make payment & RSVP by the given date. Recurring options via bank transfer and paypal available for auto-renewal each month.