Workshops & Ongoing Study Events

Yoga Studies 
Yoga Lab: Chaturanga Transitions
Sadhana Sunday: Advanced Yoga Studies with Jen
Two Hour Advanced Flow

Yoga Between the Lines: A Yoga Book Club


yoga studiesYoga Studies

Practice ~ Theory ~ Life

Integrate the three components of yoga as they were meant to be studied: together.


Practice*: Ground with a 10 minute meditation
Theory: Orient with an extended dharma talk
Life: Integrate practice & theory into your own life through a specifically designed discussion or exercise

7:30 -8:30pm ~ $15 
Coming Fall 2014
*Make it a fully integrated practice, and join me from 6:15-7:15pm for the Int/Adv Flow Asana Class


chaturanga.close1Yoga Lab: Chaturanga Transitions


A place to focus and fine tune your practice

This one-hour workshop will bring into the spotlight a single pose or transition found in All Level, Open, or Int/Adv classes.  This round we’ll work on jumping back into chaturanga from: forward fold (sun salutations), crow pose, and handstand. Everyone will have their chaturanga itself tweaked by Jen, and the workshop will close with wrist releases and a simple quieting pose for the nervous system.

Thursday, July 24th

Reserve your spot here


Two Hour Advanced Practice

Students will be led through an intelligently sequenced advanced asana practice. As we flow with the breath through a delicious extended 2 hour vinyasa class, we will work toward an “advanced peak pose”. Students will cultivate endurance and challenge their boundaries, as they sink into the rhythm of a strict vinyasa practice.

Expect chanting, music, dharma, fun vinyasa, a long savasana, and closing meditation – all the components you love in one of Jen’s classes.

 This workshop is intended for students who are working with binding, inverting in the middle of the room, and towards the “full” variations of poses. Students who are comfortable and knowledgeable in modifying these types of poses are welcome. Modifications and heavy instruction will not be provided to allow for deep attention to breath and for Jen to meet students where they are, and provide adjustments accordingly.
Cost: $35
Date: Fall 2014
Focus: TBD – thoughts? email Jen!
Space limited to 15
Sign up here! – Click “Workshop” tab, and scroll down to the correct date


pasasanaSadhana Sunday:

Advanced Yoga Studies with Jen

Have you been an “Open Level” student for awhile now?  Do you love a good Int/Adv class? Have you been curious about exploring the “non-physical” side of yoga? Have you begun (or want) to take your practice off your mat and into your modern day life? Then this is the workshop for you!

We’ll integrate a steady flowing advanced asana class, a guided meditation, and dharma study into a complete yoga practice:

1:45- 3:30 – Advanced Flow Asana Class
3:30-3:40 – Break
3:40-4:00 – Guided Meditation
4:00-4:45 – Dharma Study (Topic: Yoga Sutras) – no dharma experience required

Recommended for students with a regular Open Level or Int/Adv practice

Cost: $55 
Date: YBD
Sign up here! - Click “Workshop” tab, and scroll down to the correct date


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