ASANA: Schedule-Privates-Corporates

Sunday 10am - Int/Adv Flow - Mala Yoga - Cobble Hill

Tuesday 10:00am  - Int/Adv - East Yoga - East Village

Wednesday 9:15am – Int/Adv - Mala Yoga - Cobble Hill

Thursday 10:00am – Int/Adv - East Yoga - East Village
Thursday Noon - Open Level - East Yoga - East Village (60 minutes)

Thursday 6:15pm - Int/Adv Flow - Mala Yoga - Cobble Hill (60 minutes)
Thursday 7:30pm 
- Meditation & Dharma DiscussionMala Yoga (once a month)


none now – check back soon



Personal instruction is the traditional method of yoga study and the manner in which masters B.K.S. Iyengar, T.K.V. Desikachar, and the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois studied under T. Krishnamacharya.

In the spirit of tailoring work on asana, philosophy, and meditation to the individual student, Jen offers one-on-one instruction to encourage development in all aspects of the practice, at any stage of study.

Other benefits include flexible scheduling and help with specific limitations or health concerns.

One-on-One Private

Jen’s integrated approach to yoga makes one-on-one a rare experience of asana.  You are not only taken through sequences designed for your specific body & level needs, but guided by a deep foundation in the energetics, philosophy, and foundation of yoga as a system of practices to understand the self/Self and make connections not only within, but with the world and beings around you.

All sessions are tailored to the focus requests of the student on the area(s) of interest – which may range from adjustment instruction, to sutra discussion, to traditional vinyasa class, to specific pose-work, and more. Email or meet with Jen to discuss options.

Arrangements can be made to hold the session at one of the studios Jen teaches at, or in your own home.

Rate: $100/hour
*Discounts available if multiple sessions are purchased

Semi-Private & Corporate Session

Designed for small groups/couples interested in exploring yoga together.  These are ideal for students who want to take Jen’s classes, but can’t make it to one of her regularly scheduled ones.   Semi-privates also work well for small groups/couples who are at diverse levels, and wouldn’t normally be able to take the same class.   This can also be the economical option, as costs are dispersed over the group.

The same options of study are available as listed in One-On-One Privates.  Again, these can be held in a studio, or home space.
Contact  Jen for rates